Monday, May 16, 2011

Snappy Bag

Sorry if you've already read this post, but I'm reposting since I lost it last week when Blogger was down.  I just hate that - I have a hard enough time coming up with the right words to say the first time around so my posts don't sound too boring or lifeless. :)

To get back to the story, here is a picture of the snappy bag purse that I made last week at Sew Vac Central.  The pattern name is Snap Happy and you can click here for more info. From two fat quarters, Kelly made three super cute bags and everyone in class made the large bag (which really is about 7" x 5").  This pattern is so easy to follow and adapt to whatever size you need.  I think the next one I'm making will be a small eyeglass case and I'll use a smaller tape measure for the "snap".  If you make this, I challenge you to not snap the bag open/close more than two times.  Seriously, two times only.  It's so addicting that I lost count of how many times I opened/closed my bag :)

This next item is a little gift from my friend Mary Jo.  She makes the cutest cards and paper crafts.  If you have time, please check out her blog Me and You + Two. Mary Jo designs for a few publishing teams and is always coming up with something cute and fun!  Last week she gave me this little mother's day milk carton filled with some tummy was happy.

Check out that cute little bee on a mini clip.  How adorable!

In the next day or two I'll be posting another Silhouette project that is part of a bedroom redo, but for now, I'm enjoying the sunshine. 

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