Friday, April 6, 2012

Our faith should be like Amish Friendship Bread

Have you ever thought about what faith should be like.  How we should share it with others?  Recently I was thinking about sharing the wonderful news of Jesus with others and I had one of those light bulb moments.....our faith should be like Amish Friendship Bread.  You know the recipe I'm talking about, right?  You get a ziplock bag from a friend with a start of the bread.  Then every day you either "smoosh" the bag or add more ingredients.  After so many days you divide your large bag up into starter bags and share them with other friends and the bread continues.  Think about our faith in Jesus.  Our hearts are the ziplock bag.  We get a start of the bread (someone shares Jesus with us and a seed is planted), we "smoosh" our hearts and add ingredients (we pray, listen, read, and learn about Jesus), then our heart is ready to be shared (we share the good news of Jesus with others, inviting them to church, Bible study, or just by the life we live - they see the change in us) and the cycle starts all over.  So, I encourage you today as we approach Easter Sunday to be a start of Amish Friendship Bread and share your faith - go "smoosh" some hearts today :)

Here is a recipe from Jen's Digital Creations for Amish Friendshp Bread

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