Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mac - Our Newest Family Member

Recently we added another member to our family.....Mac the English Bulldog.  His name was Mack - with a K - but my husband wanted to change it to Mac - no K - to reflect his affection for all things Apple.  He has many other names too:  Mac-Mac, Macaroni, Big Mac, Macster, Buddy, Stinky (I'm sure you can guess why :)).  This was the first Mac picture we received.
I thought he was cute, but we weren't ready for another dog.....our other dogs (see the picture on the right sidebar) have been missing for 9 weeks today.  However, that little smile and tongue hanging out stole my heart and Carl and I knew he had to be part of our family.  Mac has certainly rescued us.  In the last two weeks since he came to live with us, we have laughed more than we have since Harley and Snickers disappeared. 

This is where Mac spent his first night at our house - sleeping and snoring on Ryan's bed.

The car ride home with us.

Carl tried to take a picture of Mac and he turned his head - to protest or to get his best side?

He found his favorite napping spot on the couch.

Mac loves to go for rides in the car.

But car rides make him sleepy.


Have a wonderful day - Pam

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