Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holiday World - better than a Krispy Kreme sugar buzz!

Yesterday was sooooo much fun! We went to Holiday World with our church youth group and had a blast. Boscoe toured the park with another group and we didn't see him much, but he did tell me that he rode the Voyage three times in a row and grand total of 7 times for the day! Holiday World says The Voyage is the #1 Wooden Coaster on the planet. You'll experience 24.2 seconds of zero-G, one of the steepest drops on any wooden coaster and 90-degree banking at highway speeds! Frankly, I'm not that impressed. Ummmm....actually, I'm really afraid to ride it. The drops are too steep for my taste. Boscoe also went on the Liberty Launch, the wave pool, and all of the other roller coasters. I know his stomach was satisfied because he had pizza for lunch :)

George and I stayed with friends of ours, M and J. We went on the Raven roller coaster, the spider, the scrambler and the tilt-a-whirl (M loved all of those), the Hallow swings, Revolution, and so much more. George and J got the highest scores on the Gobble Getaway. George's score was 627 and J's score was 870. I was happy with my score of 230 especially since the last time I went I got zero (but don't tell anyone that I had the gun pointed backwards the entire time), I think M's score was around 190. The water park was also great. The wave pool was a favorite of George and J. Our group really liked the "funnel" and all the tube slides. It was so hard to fit everything into one day. Lets not forget about the ride home. It was almost as exciting as the park because of the wrong turn I made. I think going through Switz City was definitely what you call taking the scenic route. Here are some pictures from our fun-filled day.
Boscoe and N waiting to enter the park. I'm sure they will try to have a good time.

George and J waiting to enter the park. They were so excited that I think we only heard "are we there yet" two times on the way down.
M on the Hallow Swings. Too fun!

George ready to get wet!

Santa, we've been good. Really, we have!


1337 said...

For the record that's not me in the Santa suit

Mindy said...

We're heading up there next month with our church group! We do it every summer, and it's a BLAST! I'm glad you guys had a great time. :)

Love My Country Home said...

Hi Mindy - it's soooo much fun, isn't it?! I really don't know what my fave ride is. Do the Pilgrims Plunge - the ride up was the scary part. Have fun when you go.

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