Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christian Rap - Tamara Lowe

This clip was played at church on Sunday and I just happened to find it on the web yesterday. I really enjoyed it and hope you do too.

Have you visited the Proverbs 31 website lately?  The devotion for today was so appropriate for what I've been feeling lately and I wanted to share it with you.  So many times fear (false expectations appearing real) stop me from doing something and that leads to disappointment, lost opportunities, etc., but this devotion gives me encouragement to not fear (which I really know I shouldn't do) and to let God have control.  

God our Builder wants to erect, furnish, and prepare us to be ready to reflect His image. His desire is to adorn and equip us, His "living temples," with all things necessary to fulfill the purpose for which we were born. So many times we deny God access to our lives, giving Him logical reasons why we could not possibly be built into His image. He stands ready to give you reasons why you can be built into the image of God.

Are you ready to say yes to God's master plan for your life? He is the Builder of everything. He wrote the blueprint of your life before you were born. Will you let Him craft your life into the masterpiece it is meant to be?

Dear Lord, today I give You the keys to my heart, Your home. Forgive me for keeping You locked out of parts of my life. I want You to come into my heart and life to begin construction. You are the Master Builder; I give You permission to do all things necessary to craft me into the masterpiece I was meant to be. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

So, if I feel that God is leading me to do something, I need to not worry!  He will give me everything I need to do to accomplish His task, His goal, His plan.  This also means I need to finish reading a book that was recommended to me last summer - When People Are Big and God is Small.  Being a "people pleaser" does not help the situation. 

So, today and I work on going to God first, relying on Him, letting Him lead the way.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny that you posted this on the 4th BECAUSE I saw her that same day! A few coworkers and I went to the Get Motivated seminar hosted by Tamara and her husband! I heard the following speak (all were AMAZING!): Lou Holtz, Rudy Giuliani, John Walsh, Gen. Colin Powell, Dr. Robert Schuller (!!!), Tony Dungy, Apolo Anton Ohno, Zig Ziglar (!!!), and Tamara did her rap live! It was so very awesome!


Anonymous said...

How quickly i forget! It was April 27th that I went! Not the 4th...doh.

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