Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new baby, a birthday, and a redo

We received exciting news today!  My youngest sister gave birth to her second daughter, Anna Joy.  She joins proud parents Heath and Melissa, and big sister Kay.  We just can't wait to see her.

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There was another big event last week - my oldest son, Kyle, turned 15 and he will be a freshman this fall.  Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?  I remember the days after he was born....such sweet memories.  Well, here are some pictures of my handsome teenager, my husband Carl, and his brother Ryan.

I wish every day was full of smiles like this, but sibling rivalry sometimes sneaks it way into our house.

Kyle received some shirts for his birthday and Ryan got one too, then they decided to model them.  It was so funny and there were too many to choose from, so in order not to bore everyone, this is the one I decided to share.

Ok, I have just one redo picture to share.   I finished the post thingy that I have on my front porch.  It goes well with the repainted shutters and the porch looks so inviting when the candle is lit.  To see what it looked like before, click here.

I must say that we have been enjoying our summer so far - a few parties, a trip to Holiday World, the boys have been going to the community pool, plus we've had some yummy fresh fruit and veggies.  The county fair starts tomorrow and Ryan has Snickers entered in "dogs".  Wish us luck - my shy boy is going to have to get out in front of people he doesn't know and Snickers is not wanting to listen to him - this should be interesting. What have you been doing this summer?  Traveling, gardening, relaxing and trying to stay cool?  Whatever it is, I hope you have fun doing it.


Anonymous said...

The "post thingy" looks great! ~Janna

Gramma Nancy said...

You forgot to mention that Anna was born on Melissa and Heath's 10th wedding anniversary. Thanks for posting the pictures. Gramma in Florida

Kindra-At Home With K said...

If the post and lantern are missing from your will be in my yard! LOL It turned out super cute!

Your new niece is so precious. And it's fun to see moms with boys! I enjoyed their brotherly love pics. :)

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