Thursday, July 1, 2010

Redo and Flea Market Finds

Good morning!!  Are you excited for fireworks?  I love holidays, celebrations, parties, festivals, etc., and if fireworks are involved, that just makes it better!

Well, if you've read my previous post, you know that Carl and I have been painting the shutters on our house.  We're using Claret Wine by Rustoleum, and we've purchased all the paint from the two stores in town and we still don't have enough to finish the rest of the shutters and the front door.  Sigh.......I'm hoping one store will get another shipment in soon so I can get the front door back on my house.  So one of our outdoor summer projects has been the house - washing the siding, staining the front porch, and painting the shutters (and I added the front door).  Here are some before pictures of the shutters....faded....old and worn.....needing some TLC....

And here is an after picture of them.  Once we get more paint, the upstairs shutters can be finished and put back up.

What do you think?  Carl and I really like it and can't believe the difference it makes.  A little more curb appeal, you know?  I've also been working on some other redo's.  This post-hanger thingy usually sits on my front porch or back patio and it also needed some TLC. 

So far I've painted it black, then two coats of red. Tonight I'm going to sand and stain it.

This chair was in a playhouse that my MIL played in when she was a little girl.  I really thought this was going to be an easy piece to sand - there were only two colors on the chair and they weren't going to budge.  I decided to wash the chair and it was like using a mini powerwasher!  Almost all the paint came off.

I'm not sure where this little beauty is going, but I'm sure I'll find the perfect place for it.  I put a coat of black on it and then I would like to put a coat of mustard yellow followed by stain.  I don't know where my fascination with painting everything black came from, but I seem to want to give almost everything a black base coat.

My MIL bought me this little shelf at a flea market in Lafayette and it is so cute - it's painted white with a crackle finish. 

I sanded, painted black (there's that color again!) and then mixed yellow and burnt umber to get the top coat color. I wanted to get something that kind of matched my curtains. Not sure if these things will stay on the shelf, but I was anxious to get something on there.

In this picture, it looks small between these windows but if in real life it doesn't look that bad.  Now, if you're talking about the picture....that is too small and it's gonna have to find another place to hang out. 

Well, have a wonderful day everyone.  I'm going to hop on over to Leslie's blog and see what everyone has been working on for Whatcha' working on Wednesday.  There are always some good things going on her Wednesday posts.  Hope to see you there! 


Nancy - Mom said...

Like the shutters on the house - they make it look so nice. Boy, you are really busy.

Mom again said...

Can't believe I have made the only comment so far. I just wanted to tell all of you to have a wonderful 4th of July. I am going to see fireworks. Mom

Leslie said...

Your shutters look so nice on your house :) I think that may be the same color of red spray paint I bought and sprayed on things outside my home a few years ago. I need more to repaint the chair on the back porch. It's such a pretty red :)

Your makeovers are looking great, too! The chair reminds me of the little rocking chair that I have in my bedroom that was my Dad's when he was a kid. The poor thing is piled in clothing for me to refashion right now, though! lol Mine is still just stained. I don't know if I could convince myself to paint it as the finish is still good.

Have a great day :) Enjoy those fireworks!


Anonymous said...

The house looks great Pam! Painting those shutters really spruced it up. You're so crafty! I love all your decorations you're creating too.

Lovins turtle dovins!


Kathryn said...

Pam- love love love the shutters! what a nice pop of color. :)

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Love the red you chose for the shutters! Fresh paint to a rundown item always amazes me!!

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