Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Indiana Comes to Lowell

If you are just dying to see where I grew up, then you need to check out the Little Indiana blog. Jessica and her family visit small towns and blog about these little gems that make the state of Indiana what it is. It's kind of like Chuck Lofton on Channel 13 and his 1 tank getaways. Here are some of the more recent posts of Jessica's adventures to Lowell:

Jessica takes tons of pictures along the way (of course...who wouldn't want to document all this fun?) so click here to check out her Flickr photostream of Lowell and don't forget to enter her Classic o-gauge train set giveaway at Spike's Railhead.

What small town do you think she should visit next? Send her an email and I'm sure she will be there soon and ready to blog about your little Indiana town.


Nancy/Mom said...

Love the picture of the house and like the website with the info about Lowell. Lowell has sure changed since Dad and I moved from there. Happy Holidays.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

So fun to "visit" your home town. :) The eatery and antique place sounds like fun!!

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