Monday, January 3, 2011

My first Silhouette project

A few weeks before Christmas I entered some giveaways and tried to win a Silhouette cutting machine, but obviously it wasn't supposed to happen, so I begged asked Carl to pretend he was Santa and put one under the Christmas tree for me.  And low and behold, it was there!  Ok, I'll be honest...I ordered it and Carl wouldn't let me open it until Christmas. Not a problem.  It just gave me more time to think about the things I wanted to make once I got my little hands on it.  Drum roll is my first project.

Supplies needed:  abstract flourish border under the word LOVE, Painters Hand font for FAMILY, frame, scrapbook paper, and embellishments.

Presto - new wall art for my dining room. 

I love my Silhouette!


babyboxermom said...

That's really cute Pam! Well done!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative. Can't wait to see what all you come up with! ~Janna

Kathryn said...

VERY nice!!

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