Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365

Add another project to the list.....this one has a purpose though.  After hearing people talk about Project 365 and seeing pictures that other people have posted, I've decided to create my own Project 365.  Click here to see my pictures. The premise is to take a picture every day and post it - my goal is to take a picture every day to learn how to take good pictures.  I really don't have an eye for this stuff. Seriously, I don't.  If you've seen good pictures on my blog, it's only because my husband has taken the picture, and he's really is good at it (hint hint Carl - you need to take up photography again). 

Disclaimer:  Don't look for 24 pictures on my project blog - still working on my project organization.


Kathryn said...

love the look of these old, frayed books. :)

Nancy/Mom said...

Take a look at this blog -

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