Friday, April 8, 2011

Trivet project completed

I've been wanting to start sewing again and one of my first projects is this trivet I made in class at Sew Vac Central in Crawfordsville.  I had a great time with the other ladies that evening...sewing....laughing....sewing.....laughing....  Here is the finished product.



 You start with some squares, folded into prairie triangles. All triangles are stitched on at the points.

 Keep adding rows of prairie triangles.....

You keep going until you reach the desired size, pin the backing on, trace a circle on your fabric, and cut.  By this time, the trivet is heavy.  Sew on the bias and you're done! 

Here are the trivets from the other ladies that took the class.  I took these pictures before class was over, so they are not finished projects.

One made with vintage fabric.

This one reminds me of my grandmother and a farmhouse.  Sooo cute!

Beautiful batik mother would like this one.

Pretty floral - I love how the light blue really stands out.

I'm signing up for a few more classes that Kelly is teaching (she's so much fun!).  If you would like the class schedule for Sew Vac Central, click here

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You're so creative Pam. :)

Kathryn said...

Pam, that looks like so much fun. Love all the trivets. Each one unique. Sew On Girl!!

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