Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good bye Tupperware, Hello Rubbermaid

This warmer weather has put me in a cleaning and organizing mood and my pantry was the first victim.  Here is a before picture - look on the bottom shelf all the way to the left.  It looks like a pile of mismatched, old, icky containers.  

I used to have dreams of shelf after shelf of beautifully arranged Tupperware containers storing everything in my pantry. (Christy, if you are reading this, you were the inspiration for that dream.)  I bought Tupperware at yard sales, Goodwill, thrift stores, you name it...I bought it. The only problem with that is the stuff didn't match, smelled, ended up cracking, didn't store well (mismatched pieces don't play well together) and I just didn't get a good vibe from it all no matter how hard I tried. 

Then a miracle happened.  Or else I was hit in the head with a V-8 (remember those commercials?).  

I discovered Rubbermaid Food Storage containers (can you hear the angels singing right now?)  I have both of these sets below and I can tell you that I plan on buying more of the ones on the right.

They clean up well, are easily stored as you can see in the pantry picture below, and they have made my life so much easier!  So, without sadness or regret, I have to say good bye Tupperware, hello Rubbermaid!

1 comment:

Sherri said...

And they are less expensive so that if they do get cracked, smell icky or just are left in the fridge so long that the food appears to be a science project - well then, it is OK to throw them out without any guilt!!!

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