Friday, June 24, 2011

More Legos

Many of you know that my youngest son loves legos - he is even entering a lego creation in the 4-H fair this year.  Well, my husband's cousin sent us this picture (her youngest son loves legos too) and I knew I had to blog about it. 

These pictures are from various sites and were from the 2010 Royal Ascot.  Click here to read more about it or read a snipet below: 

Ms Carradine-French, whose hat included a Lego Big Ben and London Eye, said of the 2kg creation, made of 1,400 plastic bricks: "I'm wearing it all day. It's very heavy."

Her hat, and a traditional top hat worn by Mr James, were designed by Leicester College fashion student Charlotte Samuel.

Charlotte's design was built by professional Lego builder Duncan Titmarsh, of Brickin-it. He has been collecting Lego for more than 18 years.

The woman's hat took him 14 hours to build, while the top hat was made from 1,000 bricks and was produced in eight hours.

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