Sunday, January 17, 2010

The End of the Weekend

Wow, I can't believe that the weekend is over already.  Most of the snow has melted, the temperature is rising, and the fog - it's thick, really thick.  Like pea soup. For three days now.  But the weather is supposed to still be warm this week with a little bit of rain which is better than the cold weather that we've had recently. 

Basketball games were on the agenda this weekend.  Even though Ryan's team lost, they played a great game and Ryan almost made a basket :)  Kyle's team played in a tourney and came in first.  This is the third year that his team (the grade level) has won this tourney.  Just a few more games for both boys and then their seasons will be over.

Last night we watched the Colts play the Ravens and I got a lesson in football.  I really don't know that much about football, even after both boys played a few seasons.  So Carl and our friends explained football to me while we watched the Colts game.  And, thanks to their excellent instructions and enthusiasm, I think I just might be catching on.  Can't wait for next weekend to see the Colts and Jets play to see who will go to the Super Bowl for the AFC.  BTW, I made the fruit pizza that I posted about on Friday which was very good and Rochella made bufffalo chicken dip - yum yum yummy! 

Ryan has been playing Wii Sports Bowling and now the entire family has been sucked in!  We even played before church this morning.  Well, time to get ready for work and school this week.  I also need to prepare our menu for this week and get it ready for Menu Plan Monday.  The evenings seem to flow a bit better when I have a meal planned and ready to go instead of trying to pull something together at the last minute.   

Good night all.  I hope everyone has a safe, warm, and happy week.  See you tomorow.

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