Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Wonderful Testimony and Fit Friday

I posted a few days ago about one of the pastors at our church that passed away on Monday.  I have been somewhat surprised at how many people's lives have been touched by Pastor Kurt.  People that didn't even know him well knew what he was all about and it will be exciting to see how his death will change people -for the better - all because of how he lived his life.  I can't even say that we knew him well, but he always had a nice word to share or a smile, he called on our family a few times to see how we were doing, Carl and Kurt coached some of the same sports and would see each other at games - so we knew him, but we didn't know him personally.  I've been thinking about people in my life that have died that make me want to live my life differently - my grandmother (miss her so much - I can still hear her laugh), my dad (too hard to even write about him), and now Pastor Kurt.  Death seems to have a way of making you look at your life and reevaluate how you are living.  I've made a few changes already this week that probably wont be noticed by others, but I know what they are.  Carl summed up his feelings perfectly when he said "I woke from a sleepy routine of life to see the people around me.  Why does the ground have to shake for you to realize what's around you."  Life gets so busy and things get in the way and you lose touch with others or don't even reach out to touch others.  Life is too short to live with regrets.

What a wonderful testimony we saw tonight.  It was the viewing for Pastor Kurt and the line was long - so many people wanting to pay their respects to a man that probably would have been embarrassed by all the attention.  He just wanted to serve God and I'm learning that he did that every day.  Someone told Carl and I tonight that on earth there are good guys and then there are great men and Pastor Kurt was in the second group - he was a great man.  He will be missed by his wife, sons, family, and friends.  If you would like to read more about Pastor Kurt and how he touched lives, read here and here.

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Recently I purchased two new exercise DVDs - Kettlenetics and Physique 57 and they are good but tough!  Now, let me remind you that I'm really out of shape so they might not be that difficult for some of you. 

Kettlenetics - Let me start by saying that I purchased this at Best Buy for less than the cost on link above - bargain!  I did the 20 minute workout (flowMotion basics) and couldn't even make it through without stopping (several times) - it was a good workout for me and my thighs really felt it the next day.  The second time I did the workout, I only stopped once - not as difficult this time, but still a good workout. Eventually the 4 lb ball will need to be replaced with something heavier, but for now it works just fine. The next time I do this workout, I'm going to try the 40 minute workout (cardio balanced) and I know I'll probably have to stop, but it will be worth it in the end.

Physique 57 - I've been wanting this workout DVD since I saw it advertised on TV and right now it is my favorite workout DVD.  Actually there are 3 DVDs and the Arm & Ab booster is choice #1, followed by the Express 30 minute workout, and last (but not least) the Classic 57 minute workout.   Fun, fun, fun workout but tough, tough, tough.  These workouts are felt for days aftward......and were worth every penny I paid. 

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On Friday night we are going to a chili cook-off.  There will be games (knockout, 3-3, euchre, ping pong, etc.) and I think it will be a fun time with family and friends.  There was no school today (Thursday) so Kyle didn't have his basketball game tonight - just as well - we could use a night to just stay at home.  Both boys have basketball games on Saturday and Ryan will be playing a game in between the JV and Varsity game that night as well.  Sunday is the Colts game - looking forward to see how much I remember from my football lesson a few weeks ago.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Share a smile and see what you get in return :)


Kathryn said...

Carl is right! Sometimes it takes the ground shaking! Love you guys and hope you have a great weekend. GO COLTS!!!

Anonymous said...

Pam remind me sometime to get together the letters and cards that talked about what your Dad did for them in their lives. He touched many lives so quietly without ever looking for accolades. He always felt that if you let others get the thanks, etc. it will come back around to you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Pam, you write so well! You know just what words to use. And if your grandma is my Aunt Jennie, I miss her too, she was my favorite of all aunts, we were so close, even if she lived in Chicago and we in Calif. We had 3 kids in Calvin and any time we visited there, we stopped in Tinley Park. She even went with us to Greg's graduation and she said it was a new experience for her to stay in a college dorm.

Anonymous said...

Arlys wrote the above, guess I'd better put that in

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