Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Need your suggestions please

Happy Monday Everyone!  It's so nice to see the weather forecast for this week with all the cooler temps.  I'm hoping that our mowers are going to be working by the end of this week so we can mow after all the rain we had recently, otherwise we'll be bailin' hay!  Well now that it's nice out, Carl and I are trying to get some outside projects finished.  Carl and the boys power washed the house, we stained the porch, and now we're painting the shutters.  I didn't realize how faded they were!  Only two more shutters to paint and the front door then I'm done.  I'm also working on some redo's that I'm excited about - a cute shelf that my MIL bought me, a small childs chair, and a hanger/post thingy (I don't know what it's called but it's cute). 

Here is a finished shutter - the color is more burgundy than red.

I'm also thinking about doing something different to my entry way.  We have doors that lead to a patio and there are porch posts on each side with a skinny board on top of them.  I did have some items displayed on the  board, but I didn't like the arrangements and thought about taking the entire thing down.  So, I'm soliciting ideas for this room.  One friend said I should paint the walls a dark blue because it would make the posts stand out.  I think the room can handle that dark color with the light that comes in through the doors and the more I think about it, the more I like that idea.  Maybe it will look like music room in Dan's house (see picture below).  By the way, have you seen his blog? * I love it. I stalk it. I seriously want him to decorate my house. * 

(photo courtesy of Yesterday Once More)

I've thought about setting some birdhouses on the shelf or some crocks.  I'm just not getting a decorating vibe when it comes to this room - I'm trying to give it a bit more of a prim look than the rest of my house.  So this is where you come in....what do you think about painting it a dark blue?  What should I put on the shelf above the doors.  Should I keep the shelf and the posts or take them down?

The posts have some chippy paint on them.

What do you think?  Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas? 

Have a wonderful day my friends.  Enjoy time spent with family and friends - and the cooler, less rainy weather. 


Anonymous said...

Paint the walls blue. Make the posts the same height as the door frame and cut off the ends of the shelf so they're flush with the posts. I'm wondering if there's some way to make the posts and shelf look like one big door frame?

My 2 cents! Janna

Anonymous said...

LOVE the posts.... just not there! (you know I will tell you what I think!!). How would they look on the outside of that same door.... and build a theme around them outside on your patio? Like using other distressed wood and things to make a natural/earthy/garden feel?

Miss you!! Christy Marie

Anonymous said...

LOL...I never thought I would see the day YOU ran out of decor ideas! This from the gal who can turn grocery sacks into artistic wallpaper? I do agree you coyld support a dark bold color. If you aren't finding a blue that does it, maybe try a dark crimson or deep cranberry? I also like the post and think that they need something to stand out against. What type of furniture do you have in this space? ~ M.O.

Anonymous said...

I love the shelf/posts - but not there either. I love the rustic look.

Dark paint definitely for the room.

I can't wait to see it when Mom and I come up in August!



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