Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We've been pretty busy here this last month and here's the story:  Carl mentioned that he thought our house had no color and I told him that he was crazy - our house had color.  What was he thinking?  Our walls aren't white, we have color through the house. 

Then it happened. 
I couldn't believe it. 
Carl was right. 
(it's too late ladies.....he already knows)

As I was reading other blogs, magazines, and websites, I started noticing the color in houses.  LOTS of color.  And guess what happened?!  (I almost felt like I was hit in the forehead with a V8.)  I realized our house had no color.  I think I was blinded by the glare from the light hitting the plain, colorless walls.  So, with brush in hand (I've been feeling like Daniel on Karate Kid), I've painted two rooms (the kitchen and entryway) and just finished the dining room and living room. Here are some before pictures of our rooms. 

My living room before - see all the paint samples taped to the wall :)

The dining room before - no color!

Drumroll please.......Living room after

Dining room after.

We are so happy with the changes!  I still need to find some curtains for the dining room and find a few decorations to set out, but that shouldn't be a problem.  I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our home and learned something along the way like I did (yes, a man can be right.....sometimes). 


storyofhopeministries.com said...

I LOVE both rooms! Beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great and the colors you picked really suit you and your decorating style. I've got a few rooms that need painting if you still feel like you need to spread some color around. :) ~Janna

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love the COLOR! I too, have no color...it's the usual tans and blacks. :) I'm trying to break out of my mold. LOL

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