Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Carl and I celebrated last night by having dinner at Stookeys Family Restaurant.  They are well known for their catfish and onion rings.  We didn't have the catfish, but opted to have steak and tilapia with the onion rings instead.  This is a nice restaurant in a small town - if you are looking for someplace new to have dinner, please give this restaurant a try. 

Since we were able to get a table before the big rush of people came in, we were able to get out early.  Then came the discussion of what to do.  Go home and watch a movie, go to a theater and see a movie, go bowling.  I was wishing we lived closer to civilization and maybe there would be an antique mall there.... This is how exciting out lives are:  we drove back to the town we live in and were going to go to Home Depot to look at paint colors for our living room. 

Then we saw it....

The sign.....


It was destiny.

We bought some games and daubers and found two seats.  We didn't win (it seems all the winners were on the lower level of the building), but we had fun.  It was something new and exciting - even though Carl is convinced that he lost two years of his life by sitting in a smoke filled room.   We might even go again.

Today I made Carl a cake.  It was red.  In the shape of a heart.  Awwwwww.....How sweet!  I had been thinking about it all week and made sure that I had all of the ingredients.  I used the recipe that I posted on Friday for Easy Chocolate Chip Pound Cake but decided to use a red devils food cake mix, strawberry pudding, and white chips.  It should have been fool proof - right?

Before baking:


After baking:

I should have taken the reviews more seriously.  Too much batter for the pan and it needed to bake a little longer.  So, we made the best of it and put it on a nice cake plate with glaze and ate it.  Thumbs up from everyone.  And guess what movie I watched yesterday - Julie and Julia.  Go figure. 

We are enjoying our Sunday night routine which is watching AFV and the videos were especially funny tonight!  More snow is forecasted for tomorrow, but I will continue dreaming of sun, flower pots, color in my yard, the sound of crickets and frogs.  I can't take the humidity, but I'm really looking forward to summer.

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