Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Path Not So Well Traveled

Today we celebrated Ryan's birthday with Carl's parents.  As you can see, they brought a cake and Ryan is acting like the dinosaur that is on his cake. 

They also played an old trick on Ryan with his wrapped gifts.  It started with one large box, filled with three medium sized boxes.  One box contained a Barbie (it's an old family joke), and in the second box were two New Orleans Saints football jerseys (you would think the boy would be a Colts fan living so close to Indy). 

The third box contained another box.  That box contained a smaller box, and so on, and so on, until he opened his actual gift.  Ryan has been wanting an Ipod since last fall and his wish came true.  He was so happy and excited. 

After the celebration, it was time for some shopping!  We went to the Parke County Fairgrounds for the Maple Syrup Festival and bought some homemade soap from The Old Fort Soap Company.  The lavender soap is amazing!  

After that we went to some antique stores and Carl found a Purdue Alumni book with his name in it, plus his sister, cousin, and her husbands names were in it too.  As you may have guessed, that book is now in our permanent possession.  I think seeing his name in that book really made Carl think about how hard he worked to get his degree.  If I can brag about my husband, he was working full time, going to school full time, plus we had a new baby - that man had tons of determination!   Then we went to Neva's - my favorite store from the Covered Bridge Festival.  Even though I found some things in there that I really liked, nothing screamed "take me home".   We also went to a few other antique stores and then had a late lunch. 

I like to take the scenic route whenever possible and asked Carl if we could do that today on the way home.  So, he had a route that he wanted to take, but ended up taking the wrong road which led us here......

Bridge Closed.

Hmmmmmm.  What do we do now? 

Carl kept following the "road" and this is where it led us.

Personally, I panicked!  Even though the creek wasn't that deep, I could just imagine us getting stuck in it out in the middle of nowhere.  Being the expert driver that he is, Carl drove us over to the other side (I think he really followed the buggy marks from the Amish people down the road). 

Well, we made it home safe and sound.  Ryan had a fun birthday celebration, and we had fun with our family.  Time to clip coupons, get the menu ready for next week, and do some (non house) work.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Spring is not too far away - warmer days are coming!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day you had! I love that you have music with your blog. First one I've heard. Did I give you my daughter's's with photos mostly and I'm not sure this will get you there. But I'll try.
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Kathryn said...

Your drive was my recurring nightmare as a child, i.e. driving down into water!!! Yikes!! Well, glad it worked out well. Have a great birthday, Ryan!! We miss you.

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