Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lego SUV

I just have to share another Lego creation with you.  No, this one was not built by my son, but I'm sure that he would love to have enough Legos to do this one day.  It's a life-size Lego SUV

Here are some factoids about the Lego SUV: 
  • It took 22 master builders to complete the SUV.
  • 2,500 hours is how long assembly took.
  • It weighs over 2,600 pounds, more than half as much as the real car.
  • The builders used about 380,000 bricks.
I find it so fascinating to see all of the Lego creations that not only my son has built, but everything you find on the web, such as the Lego bedroom, the Lego hats from the 2010 Royal Ascot, plus a YouTube channel. The creativity that goes into each one of these projects is beyond anything I could think of and I'm looking forward to finding the next cool, unique, new creation and sharing it with Ryan.

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