Saturday, June 20, 2009

From Dugout Divas to Bicycle Babes

Well, before I begin this story, I have to share another one. Prince Charming used to coach George's baseball team a few years ago and my friend "R" (her DS was on the team) and I would help in the dugout. I don't know if we started this or maybe it was Prince Charming, or both, but we ended up with the name Dugout Divas. Well the name stuck even though our boys aren't playing baseball any longer. Now to the rest of the story.....I love to ride my bike. Love it, love it, love it. Last year I rode in the Brownsburg B&O with my friend "C". Our plan was to ride the 45 mile route but it rained (really, it poured), and we did approximately 15 miles. We probably shouldn't have done it, but I was excited about the ride and in the end I did have fun.

I found out that "R" was riding her bike and we started riding together this year. The Brownsburg B&O was our first ride and we are going to do about four more rides before the snow flies. As you can see from the pictures, my family came out to cheer us on. Prince Charming and the boys made the sign - they put all kinds of things on there - I love pink ("R" and I both like the color), they wrote "pedal it to win it" which is a take off from a Travis Pastrana quote that they say when they are riding their dirtbikes, and other encouraging words. They even brought an old cow bell along and were ringing it when "R" and I were riding up to them. I have to say that it was fun, exciting, and motivating. At one of the rest stops the dog was there and was "greeting" everyone - I think George made a new friend that day. We did the 45 mile route and I only walked up part of one hill. I think we both enjoyed the ride and are looking forward to the next one. Now you know how two Dugout Divas became Bicycle Babes.

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Mindy said...

What a great experience. I can't believe you guys did 45 miles! How great that they were there to cheer you on. What a great family.

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