Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucas Oil Stadium

Today my youngest son is going on a field trip to Lucas Oil Stadium and I'm so excited for him.  You see, Ryan's school has the blue dot reading program designed to get students interested in reading.  When students read, they choose books with a blue dot (of course) and each book is worth a certain amount of points.  Once the student reads the book, they take a test on it and receive points once the test is passed.  Then each grade level has a certain amount of points they have to reach each semester and 70 points was the goal for the fourth grade.  Well, Ryan likes to read but yet I really had to talk him into reaching his goal so he could go on the field trip.  Normally the "prize" for reaching your goal is to go swimming and I think that is what he would have preferred.  Well, he earned 70 points and read some good books along the way and now gets to tour the stadium.  However, he wants to wear his Chicago Bears football jersey.  Carl talked to him and explained that while he was happy that Ryan wanted to support his favorite team, he would probably receive some ribbing for wearing an opposing team's shirt.  Ryan still didn't get it.  Carl then explained it like this:  it's like going into someone else's house and not showing respect to them.  Still don't know if he understood, but he did pick out a different shirt. 

I can't wait to see Ryan tonight and hear all about Lucas Oil Stadium.  Maybe he will have a new favorite team at the end of the field trip. 

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