Monday, December 7, 2009

Pioneer Woman Rocks!

I absolutely have to tell you about Pioneer Woman.  If you've heard about her, have you been to her blog?  If not, you must - and I mean must - check it out.  I laughed so hard last night reading some of her posts.  She cooks, is a great writer, she takes awesome pictures, she channels Ethel Merman and Lucille Ball, and she is hilariously funny - Pioneer Woman rocks!  The bookstore at work has her new cookbook and I broke down and bought it.  It is a great book full of recipes (of course), some of her pictures, great stories.  Pioneer Woman also has another blog - Tasty Kitchen.  Its similar to, but I just like hers better.  Ok, I know I need to calm down because I sound like I'm stalking her or her blog, but she is really, really funny. 

While we are on the topic of baking and cooking blogs, have you been over to  She has a great website/blog full of really interesting, cute, fun recipes.  I plan on visiting her site and trying to find a new recipe or two for Christmas.  I do know that I plan on making rice krispie covered marshmallows this year.  It is a family favorite that my grandmother found on the back of a rice krispie box (I think).  For the recipe, come back on Friday when I post it and link to Colleen's blog.  Speaking of Colleen (who I don't know, but I really like her blog), she has some great tutorials for crafts and those are more things that I would like to make this Christmas season. 

Do you have a favorite cooking blog or website?  How about a favorite holiday recipe? Maybe a new one that you would like to try?  Drop a note here - I would love hear about it.

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