Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cake plates

Lately I have had this fascination with cake plates or cake stands.  In my possession I currently have a cake plate, a cake stand, and two tidbit trays. Let me show you what I have and what I've been *dreaming* about.

This is my favorite cake plate.  It's a milk glass plate in the hobnail design.
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Upside down view....isn't it pretty?
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This is a tidbit tray and (unfortunately) I only have the bottom plate.
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My mother gave me this one.  I think she received it as a wedding gift and has passed it down.
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These are cake stands that I  think are just way too cute and some I would dearly love to own and use :)

Isn't this one cute for Christmas???
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I really would like a black cake stand this these.

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Or like one of these.....
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 Of course I would have to have a pink one since it's my favorite color...

Another fun one...

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More Christmas inspired display options....
Sorry....I can't remember where I found this picture.

Maybe one day I'll add another one or two to my collection, but for now these are fun to dream about.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the 2-tier black cake stand! ~Janna

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