Sunday, February 19, 2012


We've been driving alot lately and one of us will reach over and hold the other one's hand.  When I hold my husband's hand, I can feel the softness of it. I can feel how gently he holds my hand no matter how large his hand is.  I feel comforted knowing that our hands are together - no words are spoken, but I know everything will be ok when he holds my hand. 

This has been a familiar scenario the past week with my husband and I.  You see, our two dogs have been missing for over a week and we've spent almost every evening and almost all of our time on the weekend looking for them.  We drive, drive, and then drive some more.  Our son drives around looking for the dogs.  Our friends drive around looking for the dogs.  People we don't even know have been driving around looking for our dogs.  We've handed out or posted over 150 flyers. I don't even want to start listing all the places and people we have called to report our dogs missing.  Then there's Facebook.  Social media can be such a pain and yet it can be a wonderful tool for getting a message out to the masses. 

Getting back to the hands....when my husband was holding my hand it reminded me of God's hands.  Strong, loving, and gentle. I feel comfort when I come to Him with my troubles even when no words are spoken.  God knows my heart and hears my cries.  So, in the midst of my current situation, I need to remember to go to the one that comforts and put my faith and trust in God.  No matter if we find our dogs or not, I need to remember and trust that God's ways are better than mine could ever be.

Harley and Snickers - Fall 2011

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