Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nesco Roaster Oven Review

** I want to start off by saying that this IS NOT a paid endorsement - I only want to share information with you about something I love. **

Last fall I was shopping for a new crockpot and just couldn't find what I wanted.  After visiting several stores, I went to the local Ace Hardware and found the Nesco Roaster Oven.  I've never had a roaster oven before, but everyone that I know that has one absolutely loves them.  What really sold me on the Nesco Roaster Oven was everything it could do.  Basically, it can do everything my oven and crockpot can do except broil, it holds 6 quarts which is perfect for my family, and it will save money on my gas bill since I wont be using my oven as much.  Tonight I'm cooking a chicken in the roaster that I will use for dinner this week.

See a picture and learn more about my new favorite kitchen appliance after the jump....

Here's what the Nesco website has to say about the 6 qt. roaster over:
  • It's a convenient size for entertaining and small families.
  • Great for making a batch of chili, soup, and stews. Just the right size for a pot roast, lasagna, cornish game hens or a whole chicken. Perfect for potlucks, tailgating, RV's and camping.
  • Roasts, bakes, cooks, steams, slow cooks, and serves all in one. Unique "Circle of Heat®" heating element provides moist, even cooking.
  • Porcelain coated cookwell is removable for easy clean up. 
  • Unique "Circle of Heat™" heating element for moist, even cooking. 
  • Full 6-Quart capacity serves up to 6 people.
  • Removable chrome rack for better baking and fat-free roasting. 
  • Adjustable temperature control. (125-425ºF) 
  • Large enough to hold a chicken, pot roast, or turkey breast.
I've made several meals using my roaster and everything came out great.  The only thing that I don't recommend is using a crockpot liner in it.  I've used a liner once and the temperature was too high and the liner melted, but everything cleaned up and it's as good as new.  Hopefully you will check out this roaster oven if you are in the market for a new crockpot and are looking for something different. 

Happy cooking!

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